Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Preschooler

Natalie attended preschool this year and I'm so happy with her experience there!  She has grown so much!  Since she has a summer birthday, she got to celebrate it early with her class in May.  I got to bring snacks (donut holes!) and spend the morning with her.  It was so fun to see what she does there.  Almost all of the kids were so sweet and well-mannered.  She loves her teachers and they seem to adore her too.  Here are some pictures of her birthday celebration and the end of the year celebration.

Natie standing in front of her classroom.  This is a temporary location since her school burned down in March. 

The birthday girl with the birthday crown her teacher made her.

Enjoying the donut holes with her little girlfriends and opening the book that her teachers got for her.  So sweet.

Scooping ice cream at the touch table with a couple friends.

Dabbing at the art table.
A self-portrait
I love her drawings.  They're almost always of people.  I think this one was of she and I.

Doing giant bubbles outside.
Storytime (Natie's in the front)

Her last day of 3 year old preschool.  She's grown so much since Sept!
Natie and her friend, Bereket.
Singing songs for the parents.
Natie with her teacher, Mrs. McCullaugh. We're sad she's retiring.
Natie with her other teacher, Mrs. McGuire.  I love that they hug the kids.

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