Friday, July 20, 2012

4 Years Old - Part 2

We had a little party for Natalie to celebrate her birthday with our family... 

The birthday girl with her Dora cake.

Natie with her cousin, Riley.  I love that these two are buddies.  Riley made her a birthday card that said "We're best friends and we love each other."  How cute is that?
Riley was goofing around, pretending to punch Natie. :)

We tried to get a picture with the cousins but Natie was too busy licking the frosting off  Dora, Diego and Boots.
Look at our new niece, Lucy.  She's just the tiniest, sweetest little thing.

Mimi with Joe and Quinn
Peyton holding Baby Lucy
Natie got this awesome jeep from Nana and Poppy.  Its a miracle that this crazy driver hasn't taken out their flower beds yet.  Notice her monkey, Megan, riding shotgun in her undies. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

4 Years Old - Part 1

I cannot believe Natalie is 4 years old!  What a sweet, silly, smart, creative, beautiful kid, she is.  I'm so proud of the little person she's becoming.  She's our little ray of sunshine.  We decided to take her to the coast for a few days to celebrate her birthday.  Since she loves learning about dolphins, whales and sharks, we took her to the Aquarium.  It was a fun family vacation!

Here's our birthday girl

She got a set of golf clubs for her birthday

Excited to see the Aquarium!
Natie checking out a leopard shark in the shark tube.  It was the coolest part of the aquarium.

Justin with the girls in the shark tube.  You can see a batwing ray in the upper right corner.
Her expression cracks me up.  It really wasn't scary!

Natie and Daddy being silly

Natie checking out the jellyfish

This kid loves the sand...digging, building, collecting.  The first day we were there was beautiful and sunny!

The second was chilly and misty.  Here's Natie collecting rocks and shells with her Dad.

HERE is Natie being silly at dinner.  And THIS is what Quinn is doing during all the commotion.  Who knew a straw paper could be so entertaining?

Natie and Dad being silly at dinner

We stayed at a super cool place that overlooked the ocean.  Natie got to go in a hot tub for the first time and she was so excited about it!