Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday...

Checking out her Easter basket.

This is after church in her pretty Easter dress.

Nana and Poppy got her this cute little purse.  Of course it went right into the mouth.

The 3 of us.

My mom has this stuffed monkey that Natalie thinks is hilarious.  She throws it around and squeals at it.  

We spent the evening with Justin's family and took these pictures of Natalie and Riley together in their jammies.  Riley is 5 months older but they're getting closer in size now.

This one makes me laugh.  Looks like Riley is trying to feed her something yucky.

Riley giving Natalie a hug.

This is how it ended.  :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We had 3 glorious sunny days last weekend!  It was so nice to get outside.  I just hope we get more sun this Spring and not the usual rain until July. 

Here she is hanging out in her Elmo walker on the back patio.

We celebrated Justin's birthday with his family on Sunday and Natalie was sure happy to see everyone.

I put short sleeves and shorts on her and Jenni took this picture of her chubby white legs.

She loved the card that Kennedy drew for Justin.  Kennedy is quite an artist.  I love that she wrote "Kennedy Party" above her drawing of the birthday party.