Monday, September 21, 2009

Race for the Cure

We walked in the Race for the Cure again this year!  We decided to do the early 1 mile walk and bring Natalie along in the stroller.  My mom pulls together a team every year to participate and then hosts a luncheon at her house afterwards.  Since my mom beat cancer 7 years ago, this event means a lot to our family.  Our dear friend and teammate, Shari, has been fighting it this past year as well, making it even more important!  It always amazes me to see so many pink shirts (survivors) at the Race and this year, I noticed so many that looked to be around my age.  I sure hope a cure is found soon and hopefully events like this can help make that happen!

Mom and Natalie in pink...

Here's Natalie all bundled up in her Race fleece...

Mom and Natalie waiting for our walk to start.  Natalie is getting sleepy.

She fell asleep before we even started and didn't wake up until we got in the car to leave. :)

Here's part of our Bosom Buddies team.  Tami, Jaycee, Haylee, Shari, DeDe and Val.

And Suzy, Rachel, Megan, Sherry, and Mom.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Pictures

I haven't taken many pictures this summer and I realized its because now that Natalie is walking, she's rarely holding still long enough for me to take a picture.  At least one that isn't blurry.  She's either charging the camera or running away.  So here's what I have from the last month or so...

This is how most of my pictures are turning out....blurry...

She doesn't like it when I don't let her touch the camera...

I picked up this hat before our camping trip and thought we better get used to it since she doesn't usually like things on her head or in her hair.  She actually liked this one...

She had fun taking it off and trying to put it back on....

Oh, there's one more thing she likes on her head....these 2 feathery headbands that I bought and have never worn.  She sneaks in my room and puts them on.  Pretty cute...

She recently figured out zippers and now she unzips her pajamas every night.  I got her up one morning a couple weeks ago and she was completely unzipped with one foot out.

Here she is again, moving fast, running circles around me.

Here's the lens cap, Mom.  Can I touch the camera now?

We got the cutest naked backside picture at bath time the other day, but I figure I should only post this one since this is the internet.  She has about 25 little rubber bath animals that we line up on the edge of the bath tub and she LOVES playing with them whether she's in the tub or not.  She throws them in and squeals.

Natalie's friends, Maggie and Rachael, got her the cutest purple tutu and fairy wand for her 1st birthday.  The tutu is so cute I can hardly stand it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Crabbing

We just got back from our annual trip to Bandon for camping and crabbing with my family.  It was another great trip and as always, so nice to see everyone.  I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few...

Thank goodness Uncle Rich reserved us a yurt to keep us dry during the nightly rainstorms! Here's Natalie hanging out in our yurt in the crab shirt that Brad and Michelle got for her.  It must have been good luck....they pulled in more than 80 crabs that day for a yummy crab feast that night!

My cousin Mickie and her husband Dave brought Natalie a Barbie fishing pole and a tiny camping chair for her 1st birthday.  Both are ridiculously cute!  Here's Mickie helping her chew on the rubbery butterfly bate on the end of her line.  :)

She loves her Mickie!

Justin and I played a 4-hand cribbage tournament with my cousins, Jonathan and Jenny.  Although, we did get skunked one game, Jenny and I beat the boys (and didn't cheat) and it was glorious!

Here's Natalie staying warm on Sunday morning in her new hat and fancy Nikes that Nana got her.

I love this sassy look.  Notice who showed up on the trip....Mr. Monkey!