Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow White, a New Bed, and a Happy Birthday Song

Thought I'd share a few recent videos....
- Natie loves Snow White these days. She knows all the dwarfs names and she thinks the evil queen is "cweepy".
- Natie's big girl bed arrived (at least the mattress did), so we've been decorating her new room. She was so excited the day it arrived!
- You know how much she likes to sing Happy Birthday, so here is a tribute to Riley and Uncle Brad who celebrated birthdays last week. Better late than never, I guess. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Recap - Part 2

And here are a few pictures from Christmas morning and afternoon...

Natie asked Santa for "Thomas Tracks" so that's what he brought her!

And a basketball hoop too!

Here she is giving Daddy her gift to him, a new hat.

HERE she is opening some new appliances for her kitchen. She likes to make coffee and toast for us for breakfast now.

Nana and Poppy came over for breakfast. Here they are playing Thomas with Natie.

Sweet antlers, Nana. :)

Helping Nana open her gifts too.

Justin opening his new push cart for his golf bag.

Natie got her own laptop (with a mouse!) from Auntie J and Uncle Rich.

Kara and Bryan gave her this princess play tent. THIS and THIS is what happened the first time we set it up!

A new dolly from Aunt Joan and Uncle Skip. Here she is saying "Open?! Open?!"

Here we are sitting down for turkey dinner.

HERE's a video of Natie opening her stocking at Nana's house. And the grand finale was this doggie sleeping bag with her name on it from Nana and Poppy. She loves it, can you tell? :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Go Ducks!

Let's GO DUCKS! Thinking of all our friends and family who are in AZ! Enjoy the game!
Natie says "TOUCHDOWN!" and HERE's our favorite video again. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 Recap - Part 1

Ok, get comfy...this is going to be a long one. Here's Christmas Recap, Part 1...

Here's our Christmas tree. Its a little smaller this year because we put it in our family room instead of the living room so we could enjoy it more.

Here's Natalie and her Dad decorating the tree. HERE and HERE are a couple short videos. Natie did pretty good this year hanging up her ornaments...and leaving them on the tree. Every day though, she had a ritual of touching each of her ornaments just a little. Pretty funny.

We went to see the Christmas lights at PIR. Its brilliant because you can stay warm and dry in your car while you enjoy the lights. Since you can only go 5mph, we decided to let Natie sit up in front with us. She was a circus. She was grabbing the wheel and pushing all the buttons on the dash. She couldn't have cared less about the lights. After dinner that night, we got back into the car and as I was putting her in her car seat, she says "I DRIVE?"! Here's our crazy driver...

Meet Rudy, our Elf. If you don't know the story, he hangs out in a new place at our house each day and then flies back to the North Pole each night to tell Santa whether Natalie has been naughty that day or nice. So every morning when we'd come downstairs, Natie would look for his new spot and yell "Yooooooooodeeeee".

We spent Christmas Eve with Justin's side of the family at his parents' house. Here's their glorious tree.

The first gift opened was Peyton's new digital camera from Mimi and Papa so she could start taking pictures right away of the festivities!

Here's the gang...

Can you tell how excited Natie was about the Pillow Pet Mimi and Papa got her?

Here's Riley opening our gift.

And here she is giving Papa a squeeze.

Natie opened a new Thomas book and mat from Papa and Mimi that had a bunch of little engines. She held Mavis (in her hand below) for the rest of the night. HERE is a video of her playing with it later that night when we got home.

Here's Peyton showing the earrings we got her.

Not sure what we're doing here, but I love the double ponies. These 2 are so cute together.

I think Kennedy liked her new Kitty purse.

Although she's holding it like a noose, its actually a cute scarf we gave her. :)

Natie got a huge set of her favorite magnet dollies.

Here's me and Natie, zoned out after all the excitement!

Here's Suzy with little JoJo. He slept through all the gift opening.

He woke up before the night was over though. Here he is with Auntie Jenni.

And with Peyton.

Here's Peyton with Papa.

Another great Christmas Eve to be thankful for! I'll post a Part 2 with pictures from Christmas morning and day soon. Stay tuned...