Saturday, July 31, 2010


Justin and Alex are playing in a golf tournament this weekend. Their winning strategy includes matching shirts for all 3 days of play. I say shirts, but I really mean entire outfits...shorts, belts, shoes, hat/visor, and in this picture...drinks with coordinating green straws. Isn't it sweet?

Here's Amy and I enjoying a stroll on the course while they do the "horse race".

Love these two! Getting ready to celebrate 13 years of marriage!

And here's us. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sprinkler Ball

Hooray for Summer! Remember how fun it was to run through the sprinkler? And how freezing cold the hose water was? Natie got a sprinkler ball for her birthday and I finally set it up in the yard yesterday. I wasn't sure how she'd feel about it, at least the 1st time around, so I didn't put her swimsuit on. She was squealing and laughing the whole time! She was letting the water spray right in her face. She was soaked.

This is how it started...

First with the hands...

Ooo, its cold

Then right in the face, mouth wide open...

Soaked! :)

Justin and Natie were playing one night and she set up a little bed for him. He was laying down so she got 2 little doll pillows and put them under his head and spread a blanket over him. Then she laid down next to him and covered herself up. Here they are, resting. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


We went to the soccer field to see Pai play last night after dinner. As soon as Natie hit the track, she ran. If we hadn't made her stay close, I'm sure she could have run a couple laps!

How sweet is this face?

Running from Daddy

And back

Resting on this bench

My friend Allison was in town from Canada for a few days so I met her, Amy, Katie and Deb at the park with all the kids the other day. Crazy how fast our kids are growing. So fun getting together!

From left: Matthew and Mallory Beckett, my Natalie, Jackson, Isaac, and Reiley Lesyk, and Rachael and Maggie Furey

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Nothing new to report, just thought I'd share a few pictures...

Here's Justin snoozing and Natie having her snack while they snuggle. Pretty cute.

Natie doesn't love having her picture taken. Can you tell?

Here's a good one. A finger in each nostril....great.

This one is pretty sweet though.

Here's Justin and I in Vegas last month.