Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After dinner the other night, Natalie and her dad had a silly face competition.

Here's Natie with the new puzzle that Mimi got her. She loves puzzles. This one is 100 pcs and she can almost do it entirely by herself. She amazes me sometimes.

I took this today with a new lens I bought. Notice she's holding her engines...her favorite things!

I took this a couple weeks ago. She said "Look Mom, I drew my bed". Pretty good.

Justin has been giving Natalie the Steamroller since she was really little and she loves it. Watch this VIDEO from the other day. You might have noticed the wound on Justin's forehead in some of the earlier pictures. Natalie jumped on him shortly after this video and sliced his head open with her teeth. Oops. Don't worry, he got a Dora band-aid.

I love this picture. I took it last month when I was working on shots for my class.

Here was another one. My attempt at using a tripod and timer.

Here are few more videos:
- Aviators - Natie likes my new sunglasses.
- Chopsticks - Cracked us up how she said "Chopsticks, I call them".
- Go Team - She's already a team player.
- Broccoli - Natalie ate broccoli! She will not eat green vegetables so this is a major breakthrough. Of course we had to "incentivize" her with some of "Daddy's treats" (which is trail mix).
- More? - I see her eating more broccoli in the future. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Always Very Curious

I love this picture I took of Natalie today with George.... :)