Monday, June 28, 2010


Natie started chewing again and we think it might be the dreaded 2yr molars trying to come in. Tonight at dinner she was chewing on the rubber handles of both her spoon and fork, one on each side like a walrus. So we gave her a popsicle and she liked it...a lot. Instead of licking it like a normal person though, she spread it across the outside of her mouth...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 Years Old

Our Natalie turned 2 years old yesterday!

Thanks for the sweet new shades, Auntie D!

We had our family over on Saturday afternoon to celebrate. Here she is trying to blow out her Elmo candle.

She couldn't wait to dig into the cake!

She loved the scooter that Nana and Poppy gave her!

We got her this little play structure. Click HERE to see the video of when we first showed it to her. And HERE is a little more.

I tied an Elmo balloon from her party to it. Still loves Elmo!

I took THIS VIDEO a few days before her birthday. Makes me laugh every time I watch it. "YooHoo" :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Haircut

If you've seen our kid, you know she has crazy hair. She doesn't generally like clips or ponies, so its messed up most of the time. As soon as a friend suggested that the back looked a bit mullet-ish (it totally did!), I made an appt for a haircut! So here's how it went...

First thing our stylist asked was if she wanted to watch an Elmo video. Ahhh brilliant. Between that and the red car she sat in, things had to go well.

She did great!

She was so proud of herself when we got in the car. She was jabbering and singing back there the whole way home.

So I tried to take a picture today of her new hair, but every picture looked like this because she is NEVER still.

Here's one of the better ones I got. Not a huge change, just a little shorter and a much better shape. BTW...this is the face she makes now when you say "cheese".

Can't really see her hair in this one, but its still cute and worth sharing.

So I gave up and took a short video to show you...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Almond Butter

As you can tell, Natalie likes ALMOND BUTTER. She licks it off the cracker instead of eating the whole thing. She made herself an almond butter mustache (or goatee).

She put these SLIPPERS on the other day and thought they were sooo funny.

Daddy gave her her first GOLF LESSON in our family room the other day.

She likes to put on our BIG SHOES and shuffle around the kitchen. Makes me laugh every time.