Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

Today is Papa's birthday and Natie has been practicing singing the Happy Birthday song to him all week. She was still singing it at dinner tonight. Check this out... Happy Birthday Papa!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Napkin Head

I took a couple videos of Natie tonight at the dinner table. Check out THIS one and THIS one. She is pretty entertaining these days. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


We went to a Santa Breakfast on Sunday morning and Natie and JoJo got to sit on Santa's lap. Natie and I have had a few conversations about Santa this past week to prepare her. Of course, she panicked at the last minute and wanted nothing to do with him. Somehow, after a couple pictures on my lap, we did a quick switch-a-roo and got a couple decent ones on Santa's lap. Success!! She told him that she wanted "Thomas Tracks" for Christmas. :)

Here's the picture....

Here's Baby JoJo with Santa...

This is before the switch. Look how concerned she looks. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giving Thanks

The Carmons hosted our Thanksgiving dinner this year and it was fabulous! 3 turkeys and a ham later and we were stuffed! I took a few pictures...

Meet our new little nephew, Joseph Leisman. He is the tiniest and sweetest little nugget you've ever seen. HERE is a video of him too. He was sleeping with his hands behind his head.

Natie and Riley playing Connect 4

Peyton trying to watch a movie amongst the chaos

Here's Jenni making Rachel's famous rolls. They are my favorite part of our Thanksgiving meal! Next year, forget turkey...I'm just having rolls.

And look who carved one of the turkeys...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


We spent last weekend in Sunriver. It was a little chilly but really beautiful over there!

Here's the 3 of us

Natie and Justin at the stables, checking out the horses.

Natie and I making a new friend.

An extreme close-up.

Our little Duck fan watching the game (sort of).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Potty

We started potty training on Monday. It has not been easy. Why the heck was I in such a hurry? I'm told it will be all worth it in the end. Man, I hope so.

More Halloween Fun

Here are a few more pictures from Halloween. I took a couple videos HERE and HERE too.

Here's our monkey with Daddy and Papa, getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

Here's the three of us.

The monkey and I.

Here's Riley as Snow White and Natie.

Here's Natie and Riley.

Natie loves M&Ms. Can you tell by her blue teeth?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Natalie got to go trick-or-treating with her cousins last night. Thanks Carmons, for a fun night!! And thanks Jenni, for this great picture!

Here's Natie, Peyton, Riley, Mimi, JoJo, and Kennedy

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here's a preview of what's coming on Sunday night...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Punkin Head!

Most days, when we drive up to the house, Natalie sees this pumpkin stuck in our front yard and yells "PUNKIN HEAD!" Makes me laugh.

We went out to the pumpkin patch the other day.

Here's Natie with Daddy.

And with me.

Here's a few of her giving me a good squeeze...she likes to call it "tight".

Pumpkins are heavy.

Going down the big green slide.

Measuring up to the scarecrow. She must have been standing on the downhill because she's taller than 3'.

Look how pretty the tree in front of our house is. It seems to glow orange from the inside out. Love it.

Happy Day

She turned the Happy Birthday song into THIS and she likes to sing it often. She sings it to different people, but this version is my favorite.

This is Pablo, but Natalie calls him "O". He's her most favorite baby.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Ducks!

The other night was the Oregon - UCLA game so we geared Natie up in a new shirt and pom-pom bracelets. Watch THIS VIDEO. The last few seconds is funny....Justin swears she says "I ain't lyin'. Go Ducks!"

Getting excited...

Fascinated by the pom-poms...

Silly face...

Over the past couple months, she has taken a crazy interest in drawing and specifically, drawing faces. Here are a couple examples. Pretty good for a barely 2 year old, right?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hawaii Trip

Since my husband is the coolest, he let Natalie and I take a last-minute trip to Hawaii to see Brad and Michelle! My mom was headed over for a couple weeks so we invited ourselves along. Its always great to see B & M and get a little sun and sand!

Here's Natie at the Queen's Shops in her pretty twirly skirt.

We were there to see the Hula show.

Here's Uncle Brad and Natie checking out the fountain.

And Natie and Auntie Chelle checking out the koi pond.

Natie was in the bedroom, playing quietly and we found her like this.

Here's Natalie with Nana, swimming in the pool. She liked the "poo". HERE and HERE are a couple videos.

Auntie and Uncle got Natie a pair of Hello Kitty boots. They're a little big, but she liked to stomp around in them. Here's a VIDEO taken the morning after she got them.

Chillin' in the boots.

I said "Show me your boots" and this is what she did.

We went into Kona one afternoon and had lunch at this Mexican place that overlooks the ocean. Here's Mom and Michelle.

And Me and Natie. She liked the chips and salsa.

Here we are back at the Queen's Shops. Natalie with Auntie.

Whenever we go here, she likes to run around like a crazy person. Here's a VIDEO too.

She stopped to check out the statues.

And of course, she found Thomas.

We made several visits to the beach. Here's Natie at Mauna Kea.

Washing the sand off her feet and her Little People.

And we swam in the ocean! Natie wasn't afraid this time!

On the last night, we went to Hapuna Beach for a picnic dinner and a sunset. Here's Brad and Michelle eating.

Michelle, Brad, Mom, and Natie

And Me and Natalie at sunset.