Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas 2011

Finally getting a chance to post some pictures from Christmas. Let me just start with this... Herbie. Natie watched the classic Rudolph movie about 7 times this year and is obsessed with Herbie the misfit elf...who really wants to be a dentist. :) She could barely tear herself away from him on Christmas Eve to open presents.

Here's Justin and Quinn in their matching santa hats. Quinn's was made by one of the hospital volunteers. Here are a couple videos of our sweet baby at 2.5 weeks and 4 weeks old.

Here's Natie and the "Cabbage Pat" (as she calls it) doll that Mimi and Papa got her. Mimi made a chest full of clothes for her too! Dear Lord, when is this kid going to learn how to smile?!

Riley got one too! Another fantastic smile. :)

Quinn slept through all the commotion.

Here's sweet JoJo. He was hilarious, kicking and stomping on the presents and the tree!

Natie and Derek reading her new shark book.

Jen and Quinn

Natie and Suzy

KJ opening her new whizzy DS.

A Nerf hoop for Peyton.

Cousins eating Mimi's yummy Christmas cookies!

Jen and Rachel

Suzy, Joe and Sam

This was where Rudy decided to hang out on his last day with us.

Here are the cookies that Natie made for Santa.

Santa brought Natalie a new bike for Christmas! HERE is a video from Christmas morning. Santa also brought her the fire-breathing dragon that she wanted. Watch THIS.

Great-Grandma holding Quinn. HERE is Natalie playing catch with Poppy.

Nana and Poppy got her a Calico Critter house!

And fancy new boots!

Here's me with my girls.