Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dance Recital

First, here are a few recent videos of Quinn...
- We started solid foods about a month ago.  She's slowing warming up to them.
- She loves the Jump-A-Roo.  She goes crazy in it!  Look at her cute little feet.
- Here's another peek-a-boo video from a couple weeks ago.  I love how she rotates her feet and hands when she's excited.

Natalie took a ballet/jazz/tap class again this year and her recital was a couple weeks ago.  It was circus themed so her class was a bunch of dancing puppies.  The performance was chaos, but they were pretty cute and she had fun!

Here's Natie in costume getting ready to take the stage.
This was at rehearsal before makeup.

Here she is with all the little girls in her class.

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